History of British Birds

by Thomas Bewick
Vol. I
containing the History and Description of Land Birds
Edition of 1809

Arms of Newcastle

In 1809, Bewick published a demy edition both the Land Birds and the Water Birds together. This fourth edition of the Land Birds was very close to that of 1805 with no additional figures, and the number of vignettes was reduced to 97, as compared to the 106 appearing in the previous edition. The reduction in the number of vignettes was caused by the printing of the text in such away that it continued to the following page with the next figure of a bird appearing below it, followed by its descriptive text. This more economical way of printing used less paper and was the norm until the 1826 edition. By clicking on a title in the left frame on this page, you can view the vignette below as well as information related to it.

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