History of British Birds

by Thomas Bewick
Vol. I
containing the History and Description of Land Birds
Edition of 1805

Arms of Newcastle

The edition which Bewick published in 1805, a year after the publication of the second volume of the History of British Birds, (Water Birds), may bear the date of 1804 or 1805 on the title page, depending on the type of the edition, as Sidney Roscoe explains at length in his Bibliography RaisonnČ. This third edition of the Land Birds was published at about the same time as the second edition of the Water Birds. Bewick's books were often printed in different sizes, such as the "demy", the "royal" and the "imperial." The demy is typically about 22.5 by 14 cm, the royal, 25 by 15.5 cm and the imperial 24 x 18 cm.

There were now 118 figures of birds, (the Linnet having been added), as well as 106 vignettes, an increase from the 91 in the 1797 and 1798 editions. There were also substantial revisions to the text, including a new section entitled Explanation of Technical Terms, and the order of the birds had been modified as well. By clicking on a title in the left frame on this page, you can view the vignette below as well as information related to it.

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