Blue-throated Robin
Thomas Bewick (1753-1828)
Blue-throated Robin    c. 1827
5.1 x 7.2 cm
Not in EAG Collection

A watercolour study (#39) and the transfer drawing (#38) are at the Natural History Society of Northumbria. The engraving was not published before the appearance of the Additamenta of of 1832. In the text of the 1847 edition, Bewick's text states:

This innocent and beautiful little visitor (probably on its first arrival) was shot on the boundary hedge of the Newcastle Town Moor, in May, 1826, and presented by Mr. Thomas Embleton to the Museum of the Literary and Philosophical Society; where it is hoped this effigy of it will be long preserved as its monument, and in atonement for taking away its life.