Other Collections

Beyond the collection of the Edmonton Art Gallery, which provides the basis for this site on the engraving of Thomas Bewick and his workshop, there are other collections, especially in Great Britain, where the work of Thomas Bewick has been preserved for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

First and foremost of all collections of Bewick's engravings is surely that of the Central Library of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The Pease Bequest comprises the most complete collection of the various editions of Bewick's publications, as well as material on Bewick published subsequently. This collection also includes a large group of the original wood blocks from which the engravings were printed, as well as some drawings and watercolours by Bewick, as well as other engravings from copper plates and wood blocks. Bewick's tools are also preserved there, as well as many other items and publications related to Bewick.

The Natural History Society of Northumbria, also in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has the largest collection of drawings related to Bewick's engravings and, in the case of vignettes, to that of his pupils. There are over 700 drawings in the collection. It is interesting to note that the Society is housed in the Hancock Museum which inherited the collection of stuffed birds from the old Wycliffe museum where Bewick had sketched some birds for his work. A few of these specimens can still be seen in the Museum's displays, as well as a little section on Thomas Bewick and his workshop.

The British Museum has a large collections of engravings, as well as an extensive collection of drawings (395) related to the work of Bewick and his pupils.

In North America, apart from the collection of The Edmonton Art Gallery featured on this site, are the collections of drawings of the Houghton Library, Department of Printing and Graphic Arts, and that of the Newberry Library of Chicago.

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