DiggingArtist unknown, Digging, c. 1807,
wood engraving, 3.1 x 7 cm
EAG 90.42.287

The year 1997 marks the 200th anniversary of the first publication of the first volume of Bewick's A History of British Birds. There have been many, many articles and books which have featured or discussed the works of Thomas Bewick since that time. Bewick quickly attracted attention and was much celebrated during his life for his achievement.

In my own very modest and very limited research on Bewick, I have relied especially on the works of Iain Bain, as well as on the excellent bibliographic study by S. Roscoe of Bewick's works published during his lifetime. Their works are listed below, as well as a number of others which I have consulted. For the most part, I have limited my references here to fairly recent scholarship and publications which have corrected or clarified much of the XIXth century published material.


Books on Thomas Bewick

  1. Anderton, B., and Gibson, W.H., 1904 Catalogue of the Bewick Collection (Pease Bequest). City and County of Newcastle Upon Tyne.
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  5. Bain, I., 1981 The Watercolours and Drawings of Thomas Bewick and his Workshop Apprentices.2 Volumes. Gordon Fraser, London. [Throughout this web site, reference to the first volume is noted as Bain I, and to the second volume as Bain II.]
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  7. Roscoe, S., 1953 Thomas Bewick. A Bibliography Raisonné of Editions of the General History of Quadrupeds, The History of British Birds and the Fables of Aesop Issued in his Lifetime. Oxford University Press. Reprinted by Dawsons of Pall Mall in 1973. [Throughout this web site, reference to this work is noted as Roscoe.]

Articles on Thomas Bewick

  1. Davis, P. and Holmes, J., 1993 Thomas Bewick (1753-1828), engraver and ornithologist Archives of Natural History 20 (2): 167-184.

Some Nineteenth Century Works

  1. Dobson, A., 1899 Thomas Bewick and His Pupils. Chatto & Windus.
  2. Hugo, T. 1866 The Bewick Collector. Lovell, Reeve & Co.
  3. Robinson, R., 1897 Thomas Bewick - His Life and Times. R. Robinson.
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